Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blog Post #6

I am sort of at a road block in our project. We gave our social worker our plan for the program a week ago and she still has not gotten back to us on it. I have emailed her and she still hasn't responded. I'm  am going to email her again tomorrow, but I'm just stressed now that if she doesn't get back to us we won't complete our project. I feel like if this doesn't work then I will have no idea what else to do for a project since there is nothing else that I'm really passionate about. I don't know, I guess I just feel a little stuck right now. Hopefully this week we make more progress. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog Post #5

So I will admit it... I failed to do much about my project over Christmas Break. I know, it was really bad of me and I screwed up, but I have already done things to make up for me being lazy for 2 weeks. Well to be fair I did try to do something with my project over break, but I had technical difficulties. I was sending Caroline's and mine strategy for our program to our social worker and in the email I would Cc myself so I knew if Jessica had received it, but it turns out that I was getting the email to say it went throught but she wasn't. I sent it practically 20 times. So when we were in class of Friday, Caroline and I sent out strategy to the printer and I was determined to get the paper to Jessica after school. I wasn't going to let my stupid email stop me from continuing on with our project. So after school I went to Van Elslander and met her in the oncology clinic and handed the paper to her. It felt good to give it to her and to know that now things would start rolling with our project. Jessica said that she would look it over and then pass it on to the other social workers and if one of them liked the idea then they would be our program sponsor and then we would start planning out all the details. I just gave it to her 2 days ago so we haven't heard anything yet but we are hoping next week we will hear, so on Friday we can work on it. In the end I'm happy beacuse I didn't let my laziness stop me from doing something I'm passionate about. Also I thought that me not doing anything on break was a sign that I wasn't interested enough and should switch my project. I find that the more I think about what our program could be the more excited I become because I can't wait to help people and connect with people from all walks of life. Until next time!