Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Post #7

Well, things have been going really well with our project. Our social worker returned our email at the beginign of this week with a few questions. How many people we would want in our group and how we were going to advertise it. We said the size of the group would depend on how many patients we would get from the hospital because we want to try to have a equal ratio. We also said that we would start the group small and then if we find that more people want to join, then we would be happy to increase the size. As to the advertising, we asker her opinion what would be the best way to get the information out to the patients. For the teens in our community, we have already got an overwhelming response from people who would want to take part in the group. I am so happy that this is starting to gain traction. We sent out ideas back to Jessica and she said she was going to pass it on to her other social workers and if we found one that would sponsor our program we would start looking at spaces to hold our meetings. Finally everything is going as planned. Next Caroline and I are going to start thinking about how we would want to conduct out meetings. We don't want the group to be really sad, we want to talk about teen issues that are relevant to all of us. We also don't want to push anyone to talk about something that makes them uncomfortable. Well, that's all for now.

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